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RPGaDay 2017 Day 3: Games in Action

How Do You Find Out About New RPGs?

Well, I usually find out about a lot of new RPGs through social media and browsing Kickstarter.  But lately, the place that has introduced me to new (to me) RPGs in the most meaningful way is a YouTube and Twitch program called RollPlay by @itmeJP.


This year alone in this Actual Play Program, GM extraordinaire Adam Koebel has Introduced me to Masks: A New Generation, a teen super hero RPG I recently started GMing.  Last week Adam introduced me World Wide Wrestling, and before that Dogs in the Vineyard. I learned a lot more about Fate Accelerated with the bonkers game he runs called Nebula Jazz, and I finally got to see the great Mouse Gaurd in Action.  But Adam’s not the only GM in on the action the Awesome John Harper got to introduce me to his great game Blades in the Dark as RollPlay Blades assassinated its way through Duskwall.

Rollplay makes my work day great and has introduced me a lot of cool games I want to play.


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