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Dark Soulsian Cypher: Breaking the Rules

I’ve been quite intrigued by the lore and dark style of the Dark Souls Video Games.   Games where death is a big theme, every item you find has a rich and interesting history, and the world is full of grim characters with rich history and monsters and Big Bads are unique and have large stories to tell.   I have wondered how to incorporate the feel of this type game into an RPG.   I know I am not the only one.  Andreas Walters of Metal Weave Games was having the same thoughts I was and Kickstarted a Monster/Setting book in the Dark Soulsian Vein called “Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom.”  As I wait patiently for the setting to be delivered to me from Metal Weave’s talented group of writers, artists, and designers I have mulled over rules for a Dark Soulsian RPG.

Art of the fairy queen by Vincent Yau

Now, what do you need from a Dark Souls RPG?  Well, the game is known for its tactile precision combat.  To be honest, that is best handled with a Video Game, I don’t want a miniature heavy RPG I want the FEEL for Dark Soul’s World not of its fighting mechanics.  So we are taking that off the table.  Sure I plan on fights to be hard and punishing and death of the players to be a common occurrence, but I don’t want all the bookkeeping needed for that type of fighting.

But what engine should I use?  To be honest the first one that came to mind was Cypher System.  I am quite familiar with the ins and outs of the system, and there are certain aspects of the system I thought I could hack for quite interesting results.


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