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The Works of Polodious – The Fallen Shard of Elanehtar – Part 1

The following journal describes the first session of a Monthly Gods of the Fall game run my Marc Plourde. You can find his session notes and GM prep for this session on his blog HERE it is a great read.    The players and characters for this game are as follows:

Dave Hanlon plays Demodamas an Abrasive destroyer who delved too deeply.

Jim Baltzell-Gauthier plays Utar a Taran Champion who grows to Towering Heights

Andrew Lyon plays Iztal a Mysterious Shaper who walks in the Night

and I play Polodius an Inquisitive Savior who explores Dark Places

Now without further adieu…

23rd of Zenowa, 42AF – The Festival of the Fallen Gods

Quite a few interesting things happened this night of festivities.  I could look at this night and say it changed the course of history for me and my companions.  Some Scholar might argue the future of the Afterworld itself changed that night.  I, however, cannot speculate.  I am too close to the events to gauge their true impact.  I will say that night started all that is about to transpire. Continue reading “The Works of Polodious – The Fallen Shard of Elanehtar – Part 1”