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RPGaDay Day 4: Of Gods and Androids

Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016?

This was actually a tough one; at first blush.  I have played Roughly the Same number of sessions of Gods of the Fall, Achtung: Cthulhu, and a Cypher System game set in FFG’s Android Universe.  Then I realized that Gods of the Fall just a setting for the Cypher System.


So the answer is Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System.  The rules are fun versatile and easily adaptable to whatever setting you want to create.  I have thought of many games I could easily run using this system.  Heck, last August I quickly threw together a Warhammer Fantasy Cypher game to run at GenCon with my old Warhammer buddies. We had Bright Wizards, Slayers, Witch Hunters, and Priests of Sigmar battling the Skaven horde in no time… And it was Glorious.

It will be interesting to see if Cypher maintains this place as most played next year as Modiphius is calling to me with their great offerings and I am discovering the joys of PbtA games.  Still, however, Predation just came out and I’d love to get into a game of it.


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