Moving Woes

Hey, everyone.  I know this is two weeks in a row that we are without a Set Piece.. and well what the hell happened to the Session Recaps?  Well, life happened.  My wife and I closed on a house last Friday, and we have been desperately packing and moving for the last few weeks.   This, of course, has put a damper on my ability to write blog posts.

This should be the last week of this, though.  I will have Set Piece next week.  I am also about halfway through with writing my character’s first session memoir from a Gods of the Fall campaign.  Android Cypher barrels on too.  I have quite a few session to write up.  Things have gotten crazy.  I plan to do a lot more posts in the near future once things get settled in the house.

I also want to get some general fiction up on here as well.  I had toiled with the idea of doing NANOWRIMO on the blog but I knew the move would make that impossible. I might still start a serialized fiction piece real soon.

Thanks for sticking with me.

The Island’s Tears.

The island cried.  It had lost its only friend the sea.  It now floated in nothingness.  A vast empty space.  As it watched its tears roll down its mountain slopes it had hope.  It could make the sea anew with its own tears.  But as that hope filled the island it took away its sorrow.  With hope it could not cry, therefore it could not bring back the sea.  This made the island sad.  So the island cried.