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Moving Woes

Hey, everyone.  I know this is two weeks in a row that we are without a Set Piece.. and well what the hell happened to the Session Recaps?  Well, life happened.  My wife and I closed on a house last Friday, and we have been desperately packing and moving for the last few weeks.   This, of course, has put a damper on my ability to write blog posts.

This should be the last week of this, though.  I will have Set Piece next week.  I am also about halfway through with writing my character’s first session memoir from a Gods of the Fall campaign.  Android Cypher barrels on too.  I have quite a few session to write up.  Things have gotten crazy.  I plan to do a lot more posts in the near future once things get settled in the house.

I also want to get some general fiction up on here as well.  I had toiled with the idea of doing NANOWRIMO on the blog but I knew the move would make that impossible. I might still start a serialized fiction piece real soon.

Thanks for sticking with me.

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