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Android Cypher Session 2: Red Tape

(The player who plays Bishop couldn’t make this session, but we carried on without him.  This one is not written from Kloë’s point of view like Session 1 was, it is more in a standard recap format. )

The prime suspect in the group’s investigation, Elizabeth Connelly, turned up dead. Ji Ho arrived on the scene and had to wrestle jurisdiction away from the archology’s own police force.  Bishop had been badly injured in the chase/gunfight that occurred on the way to the scene and left to seek medical attention.  Mrs. Connelly had been shot in the eye and found in a Network Immersion Rig with the gun lying on the floor near her body. A quick scan by Ji Ho’s bioroid partner (who was very miffed he hadn’t been included in the other investigation so far) revealed no gunshot residue on her hands or arms, showing she did not commit suicide.   The victim’s bioroid butler (who found the body) said that no one had come in or left the premises since his master had gotten home.  Security footage soon backed up this claim.

Ji Ho soon realized that the victim was still tapped into the Network.  With a little bit of coaching from Kloë,(via some seemingly garbled text messages) Ji Ho was able to open a port on her Rig for Kloë to hack in remotely. Upon doing so, however, Kloë soon encountered some nasty barrier ICE and had to quickly jack out before she suffered the same fate of the victim.  Kloë decided she had to get to the scene.   Meanwhile, Ji Ho had made another discovery; the victim’s husband had no belongings at the dwelling. It soon came out in a couple of interviews that her Husband (who worked for the same company she did) had left her a few months back.  He also left for Luna 9 days ago to conduct some business for his company with Hass-Bioroid.

Upon Kloë’s arrival to the scene, she was able to corroborate a theory Ji Ho had already started to develop.  The gunshot is not what killed the victim.  Ji Ho consulted his DRAKE partner and confirmed that shooting an already dead person did not break or violate the laws of robotics.  The butler’s charging station was quickly searched.  Blood was found in the station in small pools that probably dripped off the butler.  The Butler, however, based on previous questions leveled at the archology police force, was beyond suspicion and property of the archology therefore not allowed to be taken to the station for questioning.  Therefore, Ji Ho decided to have his DRAKE Partner document the evidence and keep it from the archology police.  Also found in the recharging station was a bloody cybernetic eye.  An eye most likely removed from the victim post-mortem with a gunshot used to hide the extraction.  Ji Ho had DRAKE bag and hide that evidence as well.  He did so in a special internal compartment in his chest cavity.

Meanwhile, Kloë was doing her best to ghost the computer attached to the rig the victim was in. She made one copy and gave it to DRAKE2173, and secretly made another copy just for herself.

A short while later, the Archology policy had had enough, so they kicked the NAPD off the premises.

Ji Ho arrived at his station to find it crawling with reporter drones all wanting to know more about the famous detective’s police chase. (Ji Ho, is known as the “Loverboy Detective” by the Media, since he is accused of kidnapping an EVE model Bioroid on a previous case.  It is quite a black mark for the department) Ji Ho was having none of it and shocked one of the drones with his shock stick.  Upon shorting out a strange message came out of its speakers “Master Ji Ho, I’m at…”

Inside the station, things weren’t much better.  The Chief was furious over the whole incident.  The property damage, his insistence on ignoring his partner, and to top it all off, assaulting a reporter drone, all while still facing investigation for the EVE incident.  The Chief was forced to ask for his badge and gun. Ji Ho was suspended.

Ji Ho, however, had an ace up his sleeve.  He had cracked the case or so he thought.   Ji Ho laid out his theory.  How the husband had found out about his wife’s affair, and the person blackmailing her.  He had the man killed by hiring a known ex-military mercenary group.  He also planted a program into her Immersion rig programmed the Bioroid to cover it up and then left the planet for Luna.  He had motive and opportunity and with the evidence in the butler charging rig and whatever they found in the cybernetic eye he knew they were ‘this close’ to proving it.  However, this is when things turned south.  Ji Ho’s partner, the DRAKE2173 unit spoke up.  “What are you talking about?” He asked. “What evidence?”  He opened his chest compartment to show that it was empty.

This sealed Ji Ho’s fate.

Later that evening at a choice watering hole Ji Ho and  Kloë were trying to figure out why everything turned all pear shaped.  Ji Ho got a mysterious drink from a mysterious patron.  The on-line order came from his own phone. (Which had been acting strange all day.)  Soon a message came through. “I may not be able to cook for you, so I hope this will do.”  Ji Ho knew right away that EVE was the author of this note.  Hidden amongst the text, however, was another word: LUNA.

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