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Android Cypher Part 0: Backstory

I am a big fan of  doing role-playing session write-ups. I do them in different formats some third or first person narratives, others just exposition. I’ve even done a whole write up from the perspective of an innocent bystander at the scene.(that was fun)

The current game I am in is a Cypher System game set in the Android Universe here is a little primer for the write-ups to follow.

First a little backstory:

A few months ago David a friend of mine introduced me to the Android: Netrunner Card game.  It is an interesting game set in a cyberpunk type universe.  Reading some of the history and lore of the place intrigued me.  We soon started talking about how to turn this Android world into an RPG.  Then Fantasy Flight Games the maker of Android: Netrunner, announced a large hardcover World Building book called “The Worlds of Android.”


As the book was on the verge of coming out, our tabletop group hit a snag.  Our 4th player had become unreliable, and our Mutant: Year Zero game had suffered due to our small party size.  (The game is good I just wasn’t familiar enough with it to adjust for the size of the party in regards to the base building mechanic) So we were looking to possibly try something else.

We were big cypher system fans and wanted to get back to that system.  Just what to play was the question.  I had my eye on Numenera.  I hadn’t tried running it since my on-line Ninth World Chronicles Podcast, and I had some great ideas from the Guidebook and Into the Deep.

That is when the third member of our group Tom spoke up and said. “I’ve been really wanted to run a cyberpunk game, but I am not sure what is a good setting to use.”  David and I quickly showed him the Android Universe book, and the decision was made.   We quickly recruited a new 4th and headed off to GenCon. (Where I procured my copy of “The Worlds of Android”)

Upon our return started character creation and got into the campaign.

Here is the backstory (yes backstory within a backstory) of the character I am playing:

Kloë and Kyle Conner were twins born to a lower middle-class family.  Their father Henry died in an accident soon after they were born.   Their mother Deidra worked 3 jobs in order, to pay the rent and keep food on the table.  In essence, Kloë and Kyle were raised by relatives, the neighbourhood, and their half-sister Isha who was already in middle school by the time Kloë and Kyle were born.

Kloë and Kyle were inseparable in their youth they had a special bond and a mutual love for computers and technology.  Kloë however also had a natural athleticism her brother lacked, that athleticism was something her older sister (now a university track and field runner) encouraged.

Kloë got a track scholarship to University, while her brother Kyle won a special tech scholarship from Haas-Bioroid.  By this time Isha has become a law enforcement officer.  The family was still quite close.  This changed early in Kloë’s junior year with the death of her mother Deidra.  Kloë and Kyle remained close, but Isha’s birth father showed back up in the picture and there was a massive falling out between Isha and the twins over their inheritance.  Isha soon left law enforcement for a private security gig with The Weyland Consortium.

In the summer before Kloë’s senior year Kyle disappeared after leaving work from his internship at Haas-Bioroid” He hasn’t been seen since.  Kyle had been on edge before his disappearance.  He had talked about quitting his Internship and dropping out of University.   Kloë never knew why, but knew something was wrong.   Kloë is convinced Haas-Bioroid is responsible for his disappearance.   She dropped out of University herself after all her time was spent trying to find her brother.  That was over a year ago.

A little bit about the other characters.

David is playing Song Ji Ho, I detective for the New Angeles Police Department (NAPD).  He is a straight laced cop who doesn’t like to be pushed around but doesn’t mind pushing other people’s buttons. (The character is loosely inspired by Titus Welliver’s take on Henry Bosch in the Amazing Amazon series Bosch. Do yourself a favor and check that one out) Song Ji Ho apparently ran into a bit of a snag in his last case.  An EVE model bioroid reached out to him for help.  She was in some kind of trouble and Song Ji Ho tried his best to hide her away at his place.  Well, Haas-Bioroid found out and accused Ji Ho of theft of their property.  They took the EVE model from him, and the police investigation into the situation has still not quite wrapped up.   The press had a field day with the story however and dubbed Ji Ho “The Loverboy Detective” due to the usual nature of the EVE model Bioroids.

Shannon is playing Bishop. A con man specializing in corporate espionage.  Bishop and Ji Ho grew up together but Bishop was the kind of kid who could never catch a break.  Soon he gave into the wrong element and was running small cons and betting rackets.  Ji Ho and Bishop had a tight bond, however, and Ji Ho made it a point to look in on Bishop from time to time and try his best to throw honest work his way.  As Bishop got older he stumbled into the world of corporate espionage.  Selling secrets was very lucrative but very dangerous.  His last gig caused some kind of falling out between him and The Weyland Consortium.  Now he’s back in the city and down on his luck.

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