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Welcome to My 20 Sided Life


My Name is Andrew.  I have decided to start a blog on my thoughts and idea and experiences.   The blog exists mainly to get me to write more often.  The posts on the blog will usually be about gaming but will also contain a lot of random writing and thoughts.  I am a big fan of creative writing and have started tons and tons of stories.. and finished just a few.    This blog is to help alleviate that problem of not finishing things.

The style of this page and logo are still under construction at the moment so please bear with me while I decide on how I want this whole site to look and feel.  That is one of the greatest drawbacks of making this website.  Making it look how I want it to.  I like a nice professional look with a lot of features.  I, however, am crap at any kind of coding and art.  That is where I have to rely on others.

Well, welcome all.  I hope you enjoy your time here.

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